Photocell Door Systems

Photocell automatic door, also called Radar door, is preferred for use in areas where traffic is heavy, without any effort and effort thanks to its intelligent software processor, open and close by itself, glass and all-metal models are one of the door solutions.


While maintaining the flow of migration human trafficking, modern designs and stylish appearance with the big doors, shopping centers, financial institutions, factory, market, and other intensive human traffic in the area of quiet, smooth, and high performance with impeccable attention it receives. In addition to this, it helps to maintain the balance of cold and hot with its self-opening and closing feature in summer and winter months, which is effective in the summer heat to enter, air conditioners cool the environment will prevent the opposite energy saving in winter months.

Technical Specifications

* Imported mechanism systems

* Micropressor unit

  • Automatically opening and closing

* Waiting times for automatic shutdown (0-60 SEC))

* Opening with microwave or infared radar sensor

* Photocell door safety photocell

* Button controlled

* 150-450 kg door weight carrying capacity

* Clear entry clearance up to 3000 mm

* Dual wing opening speed of 1.4 m/s

* Possibility of manual operation in case of emergency situations. (manual opening)

* Special profile, Wick and brush system that protects the environment from dust and other external factors.


* Electronic lock

* “Panic exit system for flat side sliding photocell door”

* The battery that allows the door to be used during power cuts

* Colour alternatives

* Different glass options

* Our photocell doors enable integrated operation with all access control options.