Aluminium Curtain Wall Systems

Covered Facade Systems

Classic facade systems cover is an indispensable element of contemporary architecture with horizontal and vertical lines, which are created by combining aluminum, steel and glass, offering technology and economic solution to the customer.

Clamshell facade systems are very common to use and easy to manufacture since they are the system that has been implemented for the longest time. Since it is a widely used system in our country, it can be done at lower costs.

The height of the opening to the floor and the wind load determine the cross section of the vertical gray. The cross section of the horizontal gray depends on the glass load and the distance it passes. Steel reinforcement should be made at Heights where the LX (moment of inertia ) value of the aluminum vertical gray is not enough. The steel construction is covered with aluminum cover and provides an aesthetic appearance.

Static calculations are made by taking into account factors such as the geometry of the building, wind intensity at its location, distance between vertical carriers and glass weight. Horizontal and vertical profiles with inertial moment value greater than the inertial moment value constitute the facade. The heat glass produced according to the front is attached to the front and the joints between the windows are closed with horizontal and vertical cover profiles. Heat and water insulation is fully ensured by using specially designed EPMD glass and insulation Wicks in the wick sockets on the outer and inner surfaces.

Clamshell facade systems, horizontal or vertical cover profiles used on the exterior are not used as an optional semi-clamshell system can be made. Instead of the unused cover, the joint between the Windows is attached to the wick or silicone is pulled according to the selected system.

In places that require natural ventilation, a hidden wing or a normal inward opening wing can be applied on the inside of the facade according to the demand.

Composite Panel Facade Systems

It is obtained by placing polyurethane fill between two aluminum sheets. High insulation strength, high resistance against fire, thanks to modern designs and facade covering composite panel aluminium composite sheets cheap labor is heavily used in a lightweight structure, the carrier system of the buildings to a high standard and without placing extra stress on the column prepares the ground for to be made.

Facade composite panel structure, the outer surfaces of stone, brick, and more modern drawings using materials such as heavy and burdensome financial both durable and cost-effective projects for which renovation of old buildings, insulation and by increasing the value using the standard and for purposes such as wall covering, these products with all kinds of different sizes and thicknesses that can be the most obvious choices for the project purpose and characteristics.

Silicon Facade Systems

In the Silicon dressing system, which emphasizes the simplicity and nobility of the glass, heat glasses are attached to the facade with cassette profiles in which they are affixed in a special way. The silicone siding system guarantees a precise sealing with the three-point Wick safety. Easy to install and fast silicone facade Coating System after installation easy maintenance and cleaning easy to gain the appreciation of our customers.

In structural Silicon Coating System, aluminum profile is not visible when we look from the outside, glass joints are 15 mm wide and 15 mm deep. Since sealing between the glass panels is provided with a double EPDM Wick, sealing silicone is not drawn between the panels. This prevents the formation of shadows between the glass panels. If desired, any selected glass panel (without knowing which one is opened from the outside) can be turned into a hidden sash. Silicon is used between the glass and aluminum panel, and component silicon is used between the two glass in the double glass. During Silicon withdrawal processes, processes are kept under control within the framework of quality control testing procedures of Silicon company.

Failure to use external cover with structural Silicon facade Coating Systems causes the surface appearance to be perceived as flat. The rich variety of vertical profiles directly respond to the required statics, the needs of designers and the unorthodoxness.

Vertical and horizontal profiles can be both face or different depth in internal appearance.

Spyder System

Spyder system facade, the main feature that distinguishes it from other facade systems, in this system, a different construction element is used instead of aluminum as a carrier and more transparent facades are obtained.

According to the architectural design, stainless, painted steel carriers, stainless tensioners or special glass blocks can be used as the main carrier system. In the system, one glass or heat glazed application can be made according to the preference.

Semi-Covered Dressing Systems

If the clamshell facade system is desired (Semi structural), it can be brought into the form of semi-clamshell dressing facade systems i.e. semi-Silicon facade.

The cover profiles on the horizontal or vertical axis used on the exterior are cancelled upon request and these profiles are replaced by silicone fillings on the fuga spaces.

Thus, when viewed from the outside, the desired semi-silicone semi-cover form can be obtained either vertically or horizontally on the front surfaces.

The system can also use wings that are not visible from the outside.